Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Update Jan 26

So, I thought I would write an update about this week as I have to say the people here are definitely very kind hearted.  When I got back on Monday, the parents of the teachers asked me to take me out but I had to decline due to I was really tired from the weekend and had to get some of my whites washed for the week.  I didn't teach the monk on Monday as it was Monk Day as every 15 days they get together to chant the 227 precepts.  Teaching went quite well this week, got some pictures with the monks but didn't upload them yet (hopefully tomorrow) but no pictures with the kids yet.  One of the monks asked me what "the" meant.  Now this was definitely hard to explain.  Told them I would explain further on Monday so I have some time to prepare something.  Last night the parent asked me again to go out with them so I did.  We ended up to an exhibition that was about 10 minutes away.  The treated me to a bowl of noodles and a few games which was great.  I had a lot of fun with them but found out my game playing definitely could use some work.  They have the same games like in Canada, like throwing darts at balloons, knocking cans of with a baseball, and even a few rides.  I think the one parents felt sorry for me and she gave me the prize that she so expertly won throwing darts at balloons.    The kids were fun to watch playing the games and funning around having fun.  Hopefully I can get back tomorrow and take some pictures of the exhibition as again I didn't have a camera ( I didn't even have my iPhone).

Tonight they headed there again as it is only in town till Friday.  Again, the parents are so nice, I can't stress this enough.  One of the parents texted me to see if I wanted anything to eat, as I'm trying to get back into the no eating after dinner (well except yogurt), I respectfully declined.  Since they knew I liked green tea, on the way back home from the fair (actually while I was writing the last post), two of the students came up and gave me 2 bottles.  There is no limit to the generosity of the people here, they really know how to make a person feel welcomed.

I was also invited by one of the parents to come to their community tomorrow morning.  He is going to pick me up and take me (not even really sure where it is).  I guess all the elderly (now I'm not sure what this actually means yet, actually the elderly or just the parents), get together to have a meeting and eat lunch.  So it should be fun and another new adventure.  But I am getting eaten alive and had to actually increase the font to finish writing this so obviously I need to get off the computer.  Again, I want send my thanks out to the people I've met here, as their generosity and kindness is appreciated. Good night (well for me)  maybe Good morning or afternoon for you.

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