Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bangkok Jan 21-22

Ok, so I a back at the Wat in one piece.  Was a really good weekend out.  I never know how much I miss A/C until I come back here.  Right now at 8:00 PM its 28 degrees with 80% humidity.  Just sitting in my chair.  I am miss winter more and more each day LOL.  But hey on the upside its suppose to get down to 26 degrees tonight.  Not that that's going to make much a difference.  Started sleeping with my fan on me all night again last night.  I think I'm going to have to buy a few more fans for when their hot season hits here.  But that enough complaining about the weather, after a few days back to the eat without the luxury of having air conditioning all the time and I'll be back use to it (I hope).  I can always go to the University and sit in the library or office during the day.

So to finish up with some picks of the Hotel as I didn't always have my camera, here we go.
Here is the outside shot from the ground.  It was 50 stories high, I was staying on the 30th floor.
The Front of the Hotel
The lobby.
A lounging area

A library

The pool.  It was really nice with all the trees.  Although the Jacuzzi wasn't hot but wasn't as cold as the pool though.

Another pool pic.  Oh and the pool is actually on the 8th floor.

So now, here are some pictures from around the Siam area.  I basically walked around the entire time I was here checking things out.  Siam is definitely a women's dream come true but a man's nightmare.  There were so many mall and shops that you could probably spend a week going to different ones and wouldn't have to hit the same one twice.  So the first thing that really caught my eye was a shrine called Thao Maha Brahma.   Don't quote me on this, but I believe it was created because the foundation for on eof the hotel was not laid correctly so they were told to create this monument.  Not on November 9th a ceremony is held here.  It is made of plaster and then has gold leaflets put on it.  People buy flower to put around it, light incense sticks and pray, and also let birds go free.  There are also asian girls dancing traditional dance on a stage behind it.

The monument

I don't think you can really see it, but they are letting a bird go free.
Well now for the malls, the first thing you met with going into the malls (well I didn't see them at every mall but most of them) were metal detectors.  I don't know much about what to say about each mall other than they were huge.  I basically went to a mall called Central World, one call MBK (this was the last one I went to and I didn't even touch the surface of it), and a series of Siam malls called Siam Dragon, Enter Siam, Siam Discovery, and Emporium.  Here are some pics.
The metal detector
Central World at night
Central World during the day
Siam Dragon, I believe

Central World, one of the many places to ride the escalators.  Don't now exactly how many there were, but at least 4.
Another area at Central world

Some ladies playing the violin for Chinese New Year at Central World.

Central world, a picture from the bottom.

I believe this was at Enter Siam, never thought I would see a rink, LOL
I believe this was at MBK.

This was at Siam Panagon.  They were dancing all over the mall to celebrate  Chinese New Year.

SiamCentre I believe.  Sometimes I didn't even know where I was.

A big Dragon Head outside the Siam Centre.
Siam Discovery outside
A girl I gave money to that was playing a piano that you had to blow into.  She was really good.
Traffic in the area, and no this isn't rush hour.
MBK Mall

MBK Mall inside

They had a water display outside the Cenral World Mall.  It was nice to watch.

Some more traffic.

The sky train and a walkway underneath.   There was literally walkways like this connecting all the malls together so you never had to cross a street.

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