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Update - Dec 26 - 30

So here's an Update for December 26 - 30th.  During the week, we taught at school for the mornings, did some lesson planning in the afternoons, and then headed into Damnoen for a few hours at night to get something to eat.  Now I'm not sure if I ate something bad or it could have been all the liquor  or maybe the lack of sleep but my stomach hurting for most of the week so I skipped breakfast pretty well everyday.  Which was ok, as we had lunch as usually at the school before we came back to the Wat.  At about 6 every night, we heading into Damnoen and got some food from the local vendors on the street.  They make some really good food which was so cheap.  You can get a complete meal: rice, pork, veggies and a fried egg for 35 Baht ($1.05).  They have pretty anything you want to eat (well no steaks) but I made sure it was always cooked in front of me, never pre cooked.  The weird thing is that most of these stands are only open at night, if you go into town during the day only like 1 or 2 are actually open.  One I'll never eat at as when we were walking by, I saw the women dishing out of these bowls sitting in the window of her cart and there were actual bugs crawling around the rim of the bowl.  I could've got sick right then and there when I saw that.

The teaching this week went quite well as the students weren't quite as shy and definitely were breaking out of there shell.  Thankfully we only had a couple of trouble makers.  The students really love the human knot game and we had them singing Jingle Bells (requested by one of the students).  Even though there were some trouble makers, they all listened pretty well as the teacher that was supervising us wasn't there after the first few mornings of teaching.

On Friday afternoon after teaching, I headed to Hua Hin a day early to check it out myself.  I got a ride with a local family (about a 2 hour drive) and got dropped off at my hotel at about 8.  Thankfully I had the number to the hotel (Thanks Candice) as the driver had got a bit lost.  I ended up renting a suite as it was only 4500 baht a night (135/night) which was well worth it.  The room was huge!! (Pictures follow)  I had basically a little dining area, a living room area with a balcony area off of it, a separate bedroom with a couch area looking out another balcony area, and of course a bathroom.  They had hot water which was awesome since I haven't had a hot shower in a month (although no matter how you set the water it always seemed to change temperatures).

Since I had slept a bit of the way there, I decided to head out and check it out.  I walked around checking things out for a couple of hours then headed back to the hotel to have a nice steak mmmmmm  it tasted so good as I hadn't had any real western food for a month.  After that I still wasn't tired so headed out to explore some more.  Along the way, I stopped in a couple places for a drinks..  At about 1, I was still wide awake and decided to stop into one pub for a drink and check my email as they had free wifi.  While sitting there, I met a guy name Thomas from Norway.  He was here on vacation with his parents and was checking things out also.  We ended up closing the pub down and getting kicked out at about 2:30 (and I was just stopping in for 1 drink LOL).  Luckily, right next door was like 3 or more different bars so we headed over to one and sat down for some more drinks.  There was definitely some interesting people there (women, men, and others :) )  We were continually getting hit on by women ( and when I say women I cannot not guarantee all were) so we told the bartender that we were going to leave if they didn't stop bothering us.  They told all of them to leave us alone and all was good.  Now after a few drinks, Thomas ended buying a bottle so I knew we were in for a night of partying.  We ended up closing the bar down and drinking longer with the bartenders and waitresses until about 6:30 am.  One weird thing (that would never happen in Canada) is that they were actually supplying me smokes all night for free.  The bartender just kept handing them to me (I later found that this happens at all bars), well for me anyway.  They staff asked me to ring the bell as it was closing time, little did I know that I just got roped into buying everyone that was left in the bar a drink.  After that drink I said goodbye, and headed back to the hotel just in time to have some breakfast and then headed for bed as the girls and Justin were to arrive at around 2pm so I had about 4 hours to get some sleep.
Tuk Tuk - This is how we got around in Bangkok, Hua Hun, and back from Damnoen at night
Dining area

living room 
balcony 1

left side of bedroom

left side of bedroom

Right side of bedroom

Balcony 2
This is the temperature at 1 AM

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