Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sala Somdeh Dining Hall

This is a three story building  which can serve up to 500 monks and novices on the second level.  The ground level provides both a dining hall for a large number of laity.  The top floor is an assembly hall for up to 500 persons, used for morning and evening chanting, Sunday Dhamma practice, and major special events.

The Front

An elephant

This is where the monks eat.  They actual sit on top of the platform to eat.

The third floor used for chanting.

The Abbot's chair

Some other chair used when other leaders of other monasteries come to the temple.

A lot of meditation mats.

A picture of behind where the dishes are done.  Not sure why I put this one here.

Used to put money in the money tree.

A box full of money holders.

Two money trees used for people to make donations.

Another picture of the elephants in front.

During the Lay people retreat.

During the monk retreat.


  1. Interesting ! What are the statues in the assembly hall made from? Looks like optimal seating for a sore back ;) TTYL

    1. The Buddha Statue in the Dining Hall is made of brass and covered by pure gold leafs.