Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday - Wat Saket

Saturday night, we went out to cause some trouble in Bangkok.  The ladies, Justin and I went out and check out the night market.  Again I don't really have any pics as I wasn't about to take my huge camera with me.  We walked around a bit, and then tried to find a bar.  Every like 50 feet there was someone trying to get us to go to the Ping Pong show, it was really crazy as they are quite persistent.  We headed down a strip full of bar type establishments, where there was a lot of establishment that we set up for you to purchase ladies (could have been men) for fun *wink wink* LOL.  We finally found a dance club that was actually normal where we set up for a fun night.  Purchased a few drinks, then purchased a bottle of JD as it was so much cheaper than buying drink by drink( might not have been a good idea).  You actually had to pay for a bucket of ice which was strange.  It turned out to be a fun filled night full of drinking and dancing and I don't think we got to bed till after 4am.  The next day, we were a bit late getting up but we made it out to another Wat.  Wat Saket or the Golden mountain which is on an artificial hill about 70 meters tall (which wasn't really the best thing after a night of drinking) but it had a really nice view of the city and was a good way to finish the weekend.   From there we went back to the hotel, checked out of the hotel, had some lunch and headed back.

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