Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well, last Wednesday didn't go well at the Immigration Office.   It appears since I do not have a work visa that I do have to leave the country in order to get my visa renewed.  But oh well, I guess I just get to travel a bit to some other countries which should be fun.  Nothing much has happened over the last week.  Teaching with kids is going well, getting easier to actually plan some the lessons and it seem they're learning something which is positive.  The weekend was pretty uneventful, just relaxed around the Wat, went to Damnoen a couple of times, and studied Thai a bit more.  During the week the Monks (well 2 Monks because all the others are writing exams) and I finished reading Book 1 on Sunday Dhamma Talks.  If you are interested in learning about Buddhism they have all the books I reading along with MP3 recordings on  The kids classes went really well and I got a few extra lesson planned so I am not always planning day to day.

This weekend should be exciting.  Tomorrow I am going to Cha Am to the beach and some local attraction there.  Not really sure what is there, but it should be interesting.  On Monday, I head to Cambodia for 5 days because I my visa runs out at the end of February.  Not sure what I'll do there, I guess I'll just wing it.  So my next post probably won't be until after I get back unless I have internet at the hotel I stay in and have some free time.  Well its getting late here and I need to get up early tomorrow as I need to be at the train station at 8:30 am.  Should have some more pics and more to say after.

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