Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update - Cha Am

Well I am back from Cha Am (Actually in Cambodia as I am writing this), and had a great time there.  Took the train for the first time which was really interesting as it lets you see all the towns and country side.  Definitely a slow and hot way to travel but was really cheap at 22 Baht ($0.66 CAN).  The local people actually get to ride the train for free if it is only for a short distance. I got there around 12:30 pm and took a walk to take a look around and look for a place to stay.  I ended up rented a Cabin type place across from the beach which cost 2500 Baht ($75).  It was a relaxing time there, went for a couple swims in the sea which was awesome.  Note to self, keep mouth shut when swimming in the Gulf of Thailand.  LOL.  It was surprisingly really warm which was nice.  The beach was much better than Hua Hin as there was nice sand and no rocks.  I'll definitely will be going back again.  Didn't really do anything touristy though but I did take some pics of he beach area.  Just did some relaxation, swimming, and walking around eating at different places along the beach.  I did try squid for the first time and it was actually quite good, but will it taste the same in Canada?  I think not, but I guess I'll have to try it when I get back.  The beach was not busy at all, so it was nice, quiet and relaxing.  We left on Saturday afternoon, and the train was smoking hot.  May have to find a different way back, as on the way there at least you have the sea once you get there. :)  On Sunday I just relax and did some laundry, headed into Damnoen for a bit to get out of the heat.  Nothing too exciting.

The Train Station
Inside the train.  Bad,picture but I didn't want to feel like a creep taking a picture of a train cart.
The cabin I rented.
A little balcony
The inside.
Some flowers outside the cabin.

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The Beach

The Street, it was pretty dead although this picture was taken at 6:00 in the morning

Some statues at the beach.
the sunrise
A wave crashing against the rocks.

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