Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here are some more pictures of some of the animals I see around the Wat.  Quite a few of the puppies as I try to visit them pretty well everyday.  A couple are gone now and I have no idea where they went.  Maybe some people took them home.  But one of them watches for me all the time at lunch to see if I ride my bike by and starts to chase me down for a treat.

Me trying to take a picture of a flying bat. You can see it faintly, this is right beside my cabin.

My toad that always comes back to my place.  I was going to put on my shoes and he thought he would try them on I guess.  I told him this is a good way to get squashed.

These dogs just walk around the roosters.

This is the runt of the litter, he decided to pose for me.

I've tried getting a picture of the bigger lizards here but they don't like to be around people.  This time he was stuck between me and a rooster so I guess I was less of a threat than the rooster.

They are getting bigger, The black on eon the left is the one that really likes me and chases me down.  I have taught him to sit now.

A frog wondering around 
The chickens getting bigger

Mr Toad hanging out.

This guy was crawling across my car port when I got home one night

This spider was hanging out on my roof above me one night.  I had to get him to move with the broom and I actually banged the broom beside him and he didn't move.  Ended up having to touch him with the end of the broom handle to get him to move.  

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