Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Food

So, since i been here its basically been either rice soup or fried rice for breakfast and then rice with fish, chicken, veggies and fruit for lunch.  Now that all the lay people are gone, I am in eating inside and not outside buffet style so the food has changed a bit.  Overall I can't say I've had a bad tasting meal yet, although half the stuff I still have no idea what it is.  Its hard to ask what it is when no one speaks English, and its probably best I don't know as I might not eat some of it if I did.  Some of the pics aren't the best quality as I felt out of place taking pictures of the food.

The Buffet line for Lay people

Again the buffet one, see the cart they bring the food out with :)

Everyone does their own dishes, there are sinks for dishes and dishes for cups.  Wash in first sink, 1st rinse in second, then final rinse in third.
Dishes then get set out to dry, there were a lot of sinks, like 8 rows of 3 
Breakfast - stir fry rice

Spice to add to the stir fry, don't add too much as it is smokin' hot.  Trust me.

Some Fruit in the market in Damnoen

Very odd looking fruit.

Rice Soup with some extra

Lunch in the VIP room.  Don't ask what it is as I have no idea.  I just sit down and eat.  Some chicken, veggies or some sort, and some sort of dark meat, Duck maybe.

Some fruit, both tasted like apples, but they call it something else

Mini Bananas, and are they ever good.

Never tried these, but they have odd seafood chips.  Haven't really seen potato chips.  I did try some seaweed type chips that were covered in some sort of sesame seeds and they were really good.

Some good old fashion coke.  12 Baht = $0.36 CAN

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