Friday, December 16, 2011

My New Haven

Well, on Wednesday I got to move into my place where I'll be staying for the time here and may I say its pretty nice.  It has a bedroom that has a bed with a thicker mattress but its still really hard (no pillow top, not really any difference to before, actually maybe harder), a Desk and a closet.. It also includes bathroom and shower, a little kitchen area, a living room partly enclosed and also a little covered dock with benches.  Included in all this is a fridge, a stove, and a washer machine.  I love the washer and it even plays a song when its finished (this startled me at first as I though someone was standing on the other side of the wall or something, cause what washer play music when it finished.  I spent the last couple few days meditating, cleaning it up a bit, and yesterday I headed to Damnoen again to get some supplies and explore a bit more.  It was a bit confusing as you really have to learn to read the pictures on items LOL and my iPhone came in handy to translate to the workers what I was looking for ( I didn't get much exploring done, but did find the superstore or wallmart of Damnoen).  During cleaning the first day, I found a little friend (the toad) hiding out and then today when I was finishing cleaning the outside there he was again chilling under the chair. I guess he'll be some quiet company.  There are also lots of little lizards around, including a larger one living somewhere above my bathroom.  He is pretty shy as he won't let me take his picture.  I had a meeting today with the director and teachers of 2 local school which was pretty silent on my side most of the conversation was in Thai :) and later tonight some chanting and a bit more meditation.  There are lots of monks here right now as there is an advance meditation retreat going on.  Pretty well all the lay people are gone except for two or three of us, I was actually the only one at breakfast and lunch today.  Tomorrow the 5 teachers from the US arrive and we begin some lesson planning, I guess the real work actually starts :)  Well Enjoy the pics.

He wasn't too happy to see me.




Dining Room, I guess

The Living Room

The Dock

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