Sunday, December 11, 2011

Phra Maha Cetiya Somdej

Because my days are pretty routine because of the meditation retreat, I will just go through each of the building here at the Wat.  I'll start with the Phra Maha Cetiya Somdej as it was one of the first I got to go into and see.  It will be a 4 story cetiya-shaped pilgrimage and conference center displaying the wat's exceptional collection of Buddha relics.  Four wings and connecting stairways come together to form a Cetiya shape.  The 1st floor will provide space for up to 2000 lay persons to attend conferences or meditate, along with some administrative offices.  The 2nd floor will provide space for up to 2000 monks  to meditate.  The 3rd floor will be a museum exhibiting Buddha statues in various poses as well as samples of meditation practices.  The 4th floor is here Buddha Relics will be displayed.  The pictures don't give this building justice as it is absolutely  huge.  This building is estimated to cost 450 million Baht (15 million Canadian) If you want, the monastery is taking donation here.

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