Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well the kids class went quite well on Wednesday.  They were actually really quiet which was different from usual, maybe shy for camera.  Only parts of the lesson were recorded and the camera wasn't in there the whole time so it was actually quite easy to teach.  On Thursday, I went for my motorcycle test and passed so I now can legally drive motorcycles here. So Friday I went looking at motorcycles around Damnoen and Sumet Songkhram, only to find out that most motorcycles you have to put in an order for one and wait around a month.  That was a bit annoying to find out as who wants to wait a month. LOL

Well on the weekend I went to Cha am by tuk tuk, which was quite a long trip, about 1 and a half hours.  But well worth it, walked around for a bit, relax on the beach and went for a swim.  Right now there are a lot of jelly fish in the water, so it was a bit frustrating as you constantly had to be on the lookout. There were a lot of people there swimming and they did not seem to be looking for them, but I have never got stung by one and was not about to test what it would feel like.

Monday, I continued my search for a bike at a couple other town around Damnoen.  Of course, at the last place I look I lucked out and they had one there that I liked and was not actually spoken for so I scooped it up.  It is a Honda PCX150, I was going to get a Honda CBR250 but thought I would just get into trouble with it. LOL  So, I now have some wheels to get around and not have to depend on the bus and tuk tuk to get me around.  And this week I do not teach at all so I have been just cruising around seeing what is actually around.  I have put just over 300 km on it in the last 24 hours going around town to town checking things out.  I found out why people wear long sleeve shirts when the are driving there motorcycles around, as my arms got a bit burnt today. LOL

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