Monday, March 26, 2012

Cambodia - Angkor Wat

I only had 1 day to go around the Angkor Wat which made it quite rushed.  It was really interesting to see and would recommend people to see it if they have the chance.  I think if I ever went back, I would hire an actual tour guide to give some explanation of what I was actual looking at.  I am not going to write much here as I do not know the names of the different buildings but thought I would share some pictures.

Monkey swing in the trees.


  1. Can you bring me home a monkey please? I'm sure it'll fit in your suitcase. or just curior it. :)

  2. LOL, I think they would notice something moving around in my suitcase as the monkey wouldn't be too happy. And I do not think I really want to try and chase a monkey to catch. I think they may be a bit faster than me. You could look at taking one from a zoo in Canada, might be easier. :-)